Email Guide

A Guide to contacting Dr Alexander King @ or @ the Maccabi website.

In order to improve the service that Dr King offers his patients,
please read the guide below:

  (If you are not a patient of Dr King, you are welcome to ask general questions regarding medical services by emailing ).


  • The most efficient and secure way for patients to communicate with Dr King is not by email but by the electronic document facility at the Maccabi website. Please read the guide here.
  • Patients of Dr King should write their ID number and contact phone number in every email message to
  • Urgent medical matters should not be dealt with by email or by the Maccabi website. If your issue is urgent, call the 24 hour Maccabi number: 1-700-50-53-53 or *3555 or 04-8188081 where the call-center nurse can provide immediate advice. In a medical emergency call Magen David Adom: 101.
  • Keep messages brief. Emails or website requests do not replace the need for appointments. If you feel the need to write several paragraphs, stop and make an appointment.
  • Electronic communications will dealt with during working hours.
  • Avoid sensitive personal information in messages.
  • Patients are welcome to ask the doctor to phone them back (with or without an explanation).
  • Due to the nature of email, the doctor cannot be held responsible for non-delivery of email messages to, delays in dealing with messages or any breech in security (eg. from hacking).
  • The email service is provided by the doctor as a courtesy and on a voluntary basis. The service may be withdrawn or restricted without notice without breech of any contractual obligations (because none apply).
  • Maccabi's internet service obliges the doctor to deal with the patient's request/inquiry within 5 days. In the event that the doctor is absent (e.g. vacation) the patient will be automatically informed by the website.
  • The doctor reserves the right to reply to any questions or requests either made by email or by Maccabi's internet service by asking the patient to make an appointment and attend the clinic for a consultation.


  • Patients can request the following documents by the Maccabi electronic document facility or by email:
    • referrals (hafnayot) eg. for blood tests.
    • prescriptions (mainly repeat prescriptions of regular medication).
    • letters (ishurim), eg. sick notes.
  • The most efficient and secure way to request documents is not by email but by the the Maccabi website. Please read the guide here.
  • Documents, including prescriptions, that are requested through the Maccabi website can be printed off from your home computer (with no need to bring your magnetic card to the office). Documents requested by email cannot be printed at home (and your magnetic card is needed at the start of a new quarter).
  • If you are unable to use the Maccabi websites' electronic document facility, requests for documents can be made by email, but please note the following restrictions:
    • If the patient has not yet visited the doctor in a new quarter (after 1 January, 1 April, 1 July, 1 October) requested documents will need to be collected from the clinic office and the doctor will need to physically receive the patients' magnetic card before releasing the documents. Patients who have been authorized to receive documents without needing to make an appointment to see the doctor will be instructed by email as to how and when to bring the card and pick up the documents.
    • Once the magnetic card has been passed in a quarter, patients can then have subsequent letters and referrals faxed or left in the clinic office for pick-up. Prescriptions can only be left in the clinic office for pickup (not faxed).


  • General questions regarding administrative matters (eg. advice regarding specialists, how/where to make appointments for tests, etc) will be answered by email or by through the Maccabi website.


  • For medico-legal reasons patients are not encouraged to describe medical problems in detail or at length by email or via the website. If in doubt about what to write, the best email is: "Please phone me back".
  • If your question requires the doctor to discuss medical information (eg. test results) the doctor will get back to you by phone.


  • Patients are encouraged to register at the Clinic Office for a username and password so they can access the Maccabi website in order to make electronic requests to the doctor, book appointments, retrieve lab test results and much much more, all over the internet.
  • Many services, such as lab test results, can also be obtained by passing the magnetic card through the automated machines available at every Maccabi branch.
  • Appointments cannot be made by emailing the doctor or by contacting the doctor through the Maccabi website. Call the 24 hour Maccabi number: 1-700-50-53-53 or *3555 or 04-8188081 or book online.

Looking forward to taking care of you,
Dr Alexander King