New Immigrants

Guide for immigrants in Jerusalem who want to receive services from Dr Alexander King and the "Beit Strauss" clinic (Maccabi Health Services).

Fresh off the plane - getting your ID cards

Welcome to Israel!
Within a short period of arriving in Israel (at the airport and in the subsequent days) various agencies will provide you with documents. This includes an ID card (te'udat zehut) and an Immigrants rights card (te'udat oleh). You will also receive a document/voucher at the airport (or from Nefesh BeNefesh) regarding registering for Healthcare.

Going to the Post Office - choosing Maccabi

Take the cards and documents that you have aquired to any Post Office and ask for a Kuppat Holim registration form. It is here that you can choose Maccabi as your Kuppat Holim (Health Fund). When you register for Kuppat Holim at the Post Office you pay a fee of around 14 sheqels. The post office will then stamp your registration form and return it to you.

Visiting the Office - Obtaining your Kuppat Holim Card 

You then need to visit the clerks' office (reception) in a Maccabi clinic in order to register yourself and your family. Please bring with you all your ID cards (Te'udat Zehut and Te'udat Oleh) as well as the stamped registration form from the Post Office. You can register at the "Beit Strauss" Clinic or at any Maccabi branch in the country; even if you register elsewhere you can still receive care at my clinic. The clerk at Maccabi will give you some forms to fill out and you will then receive a Kuppat Holim Card. Sometimes a permanent card is given on the spot and sometimes a temporary card is issued (which is valid for 45 days) while a permanent card is sent to your home address.
Once you have a card in your possession you can start visiting a doctor as well as using all the other medical services that Maccabi offers. I recommend you make a special visit to my clinic in order to register and obtain your card before you need a doctors appointment. This means that you become acquainted with the location of my clinic and how to get there, and, more importantly: when you need to see a doctor for the first time your visit will not be delayed by first needing to obtain a card. Also, I have clinic hours at times when the clerks office is closed, so there is no guarantee that you can register and pick up your card at the same time that you first come to see me.
For your information, the clerk's office hours in my clinic are:
Mornings:      Sunday - Thursday:  08:00 - 12:00
Afternoons:   Sunday, Monday and Wednesday:  16:00 - 18:30,     Tuesday:  17:30 - 20:30
Full details of the address and location of my clinic and my clinic hours are available on the website.

Making an appointment and choosing a doctor 

Until you need to make an appointment to see me, no action or declaration of choice of physician is required on your part. When you call the Appointments Hotline (*3555 or 1-700-50-53-53 or from overseas: +972-4-8188081) you simply need to request an appointment for "Dr King, Family Doctor, Jerusalem." Details of my hours and the procedure for booking appointments appear on
the website.
Regarding the use of English on the Hotline: There is an English Language option on the main menu and there are clear instructions  from there which bring you to an operator. I actually tested it myself and when I got through to an operator I only spoke English to them; they initially answered the phone in Hebrew but quickly switched to English and I was able to make a real appointment for someone to see "Dr King in Jerusalem" without me providing the operator with too much help.
There are usually appointments available for people calling the same day that they want to see me especially if you call in the morning. There is no need to call more than two days in advance for an appointment (although theoretically you can book weeks in advance).

Visiting your doctor of choice

With your Maccabi card in hand and after you have made an appointment I finally get to meet you. This is the stage that the process of choosing me as a doctor and registering with me become relevant. I'll explain how it works: Only once you enter my office and I pass your Maccabi card through my computer do you then officially become become registered with me, and technically, your affiliation with me is only till the end of that particular "quarter" (3 month period). In Hebrew quarter is riv'on.
The "quarters" are:
1 January - 31 March
1 April - 30 June
1 July - 30 September
1 October - 31 December
At the first visit in each quarter you need to make a payment to me of 7 sheqels, or you can arrange for this to be made by direct debit. After this you can see me as many times as you like till the end of the quarter without needing to pay again. With Maccabi, at the end of each "quarter" everything is "re-set."
So once you've seen me I am recognized by Maccabi as your primary care physician (family doctor) until the end of the quarter. Basically all this means is that if you call the Maccabi Appointments Hotline again during the same quarter and ask to see a Family Doctor you will be advised to continue to see me. However, if there are special circumstances (such as me being unexpectedly absent or you being in a different town) then they will permit you to see a different Family Doctor. Of course you are free to see other kinds of doctors (orthopedics, Ob/Gyn, ENT, etc) during the same quarter even if you have visited me. After the start of the next quarter you are free to come back to me or see a new Family Doctor. No "un-registering" is needed.
That said, once people have found a Family Doctor they usually come back to the same doctor over the years and our philosophy is that everyone should have a regular Family Doctor who can provide personal and continuous care to the whole family.

"Beit Strauss" Clinic

I work in the heart of Jerusalem in the
Maccabi clinic at the prestigious Beit Strauss clinic building, a few hundred meters from the junction of King George and Jaffa Roads.
For more details of the clinic and the facilities I offer as well as details about the other doctors and services in the clinic, please click on the link.