Tourists and Temporary Residents using Maccabi Health Services
Maccabi Health Services offer what is called the "Darkona'im (Passport Holders) Program". This is a unique and attractively-priced insurance plan for non-citizens staying in Israel for at least 6 months.
This means that while you are in Israel you can have your own family doctor like you are used to back home, whom you can vist with any problem and who is responsible for your continuous medical care throughout your time in Israel and who will coordinate any referrals to specialists or tests that you may need. No need to have to navigate the Israeli Medical system alone when you get ill or clear everything with the insurance agent on the phone each time you see a doctor or need an x-ray.
In addition to service from Dr King and the clinic on Strauss Street, Darkona'im opens the door to the whole of Maccabi's network of physicians and clinics nationwide, offering a broad array of accessible and readily available medical services, primary physicians, specialists, laboratory tests, imaging, referral to hospital emergency rooms and hospitalizations, and medication (included in the national healthcare basket) all under one roof.
The plan also includes "Magen Zahav" (Gold Shield) rights which means additional coverage to the basic insurance that Israeli citizens receive (unless they choose to pay extra for the Gold Shield).
For more details including how to join and to see the rates, follow the links:
Special arrangements can be made with Maccabi Headquarters for large groups.